We envision a future where the internet is more open, fair, and intelligent. We envision economies that operate trustlessly with less friction. We envision efficient and effective collective decision making by the people. We support ideas and innovations that advance our society towards that prospect.


It is a time of grand digital transformation, the digital migrants, need new toolkits to cope with the associated time-space compression. Consensus mechanisms, distributed ledgers, self-sovereign identities, and decentralized autonomy are foundational tools in this process.

WEB 3.0

The Web as we know it has departed from its original vision, if not turned against it. We are in dire need of a digital architecture that puts us back on track. We take reference from the Web 3 Tech Stack and support the building blocks for Web 3.0 infrastructure and its applications.


This paradigm shift from the traditional financial system is long overdue. It tears down the walls of intermediaries that not only intercept values, but also force us to contract with them for any financial activities. With decentralized finance, we will be true sovereign individuals.