We envision a future where the internet is more open, fair, and intelligent. We envision economies that operate seamlessly without trust on counterparty. We envision efficient and effective collective decision making by the people. We support ideas and innovations that advance our society towards that prospect.

Embedded Crypto

Crypto will form the underlying infrastructure for the financial Internet. The financial value flow will become super efficient and cost effective. It will create new paradigm (e.g. X and earn) that we have never seen before in the history of the Internet.

Self Sovereign Identity and Data

Users will have full control and ownership of their identity, data, virtual assets in the next stage of Internet. This will generate a completely new form of Internet Economy with fuller participation of users with their digital sovereignty.

Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) tech

Smart Contract tech based on decentralized nodes brought in the first pillar in crypto-enabled Internet. ZKP tech is undoubtedly the second pillar. With ZKP, we envision new types of applications to appear in finance, governance etc. Smart Contract together with the ZKP tech, form two key pillars of crypto-enabled Internet evolution.