Founder Resources

these services are extended to Signum portfolio

DAO structuring, Legal and Regulatory Knowledge

The crypto and block chain landscape is fast changing and regulations are being drafted as innovation is taking place. Startup founders often find themselves trying to navigate the regulatory landscape in their entrepreneurship journey. At Signum, we provide legal and regulatory knowledge support to our portfolio companies so that we are educated on the dos and don’ts as we innovate.

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Value Added Services, BD & Partnership

At Signum, your growth is our success and we want to walk this journey with you. We are big on collaboration and we are always here to make the introduction within our Signum network and partners. Apart from that, we are also growing our offerings of value added services (VAS) that will help you in your expansion. Services such as free AWS and GCP credits, discounted co-working spaces, recruitment needs and the list is growing!

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Business Model and Tokenomics

In this fast changing landscape of crypto, evolving tokenomics is a common issue and might need some fine tuning as you progress along the way. At Signum, we have our best in class analysts to debate, help and feedback on your tokenomics.

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